I am a Software Engineer, currently working at Autodesk. I have a Ph.D. in Virtual Reality locomotion and I love to work with interactive media!
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Unreal Engine
MS Azure Kinect SDK


Visual Studio
Nvidia Nsight


Game Design
Engine development
Virtual Reality
Deep Learning


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I'm currently employed as a Software Development Engineer at Autodesk. As part of the Platform Services & Emerging Technologies division, I develop novel Virtual Reality applications.

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"Poing" is a solo game project of mine and it's available for android on the google play store[link]. It's inspired by an old arcade game called "Monster Farm Jump". The game is made in Unity. The hand drawn art style is achieved through the use of the post-process stack and custom shaders.

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During Summer '22 I interned at Heavy Iron Studios, Inc. My main task was to work on sail boat simulation, game architecture, gameplay programming and UI of an unannounced game project. I was also tasked with the migration of the companie's Jenkins based CI/CD system to a new server. At the tail end of my employment, I worked on developing content for one of the major VR platforms.

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I was the co-designer and lead Programmer for the combat gameplay of Mukti Camp android game. We used Unity for the prduction. The game has been received well by the players and has over 500000 downloads right now.

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BrewEngine is a 2D C++ game engine that I work on in my spare time as a hobby. It uses SDL2 for windowing and events, OpenGL for rendering and IMGUI for UI. I've also implemented a custom rigidbody physics engine for it.

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Brew-Game-Tools is a 2D C++ cross platform game dev framework meant to make the tedious process of setting up OpenGL projects automated. A simple API offers direct access to drawing pixels as well as input, fonts and sound. The github repo uses a jenkins server hosted in an Amazon EC2 instance to verify builds.

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I ported Clone-Keen (an opensource remake of Commander Keen) to switch using devkitpro sdk. Primary tasks involved porting from SDL1.3 to SDL2. This includes porting the renderer and porting input, which changed in SDL2. Audio works but it needs work to sound correct.

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A VR app demonstrating my dynamic destruction system for Unity. The system was partly inspired by Unreal's chaos destruction system. Tutorial/Overview available on youtube.

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A bunch of GLSL shader demos. Includes: normal, specular and parallax mapping, shadow mapping, particle emmiter with instancing, Outline drawing. Source can be found here.

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A Deep learning based Walking-in-place locomotion technique for VR with an Azure Kinect Depth sensor. It uses a View Adaptive (VA) neural network for skeleton-based action recognition. The network is trained to differenciate between WIP and 12 other classes of action. Read the accompanying paper for a detailed overview.

Other Projects

Bengali Text Plugin for Unity

Unity is quite lacking when it comes to rendering complex scripts. One of which is the Bengali script, my native tongue. So I made this plugin that enables proper Bengali text rendering inside Unity. It's the same plugin that I used in 'Shobdo'.

Multi Depot VRP solver

A genetic algorithm based solver for multi depot vehicle routing problems. Comes with a simple web interface. Also works as a showcase for using Emscripten to run C++ on the browser. Find it here


My Ludum Dare 38 entry. The theme was 'A small world'. I was reading 'Game Programming Patterns' by Bob Nystrom and decided to try out the command pattern in this project. I think it turned out pretty well. Find it here

Rickshaw Racing Dhaka

Winner of EATL-Prothom Alo Apps Contest 2015. It was a nation wide app development contest that I own with the game 'Rickshaw Racing Dhaka', a racing game set in the capital of Bangladesh where you race with rickshaws. The android APK can be downloaded here


Prithul, Aniruddha; Bhandari, Jiwan; Spurgeon, Walker; Folmer, Eelke. "Evaluation of Hands-free Teleportation in VR." Proceedings of the 2022 ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction.

Prithul, Aniruddha; Adhanom, Isayas Berhe; Folmer, Eelke. "Teleportation in Virtual Reality; A Mini-Review." Frontiers in Virtual Reality, 2021 .

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Prithul, Aniruddha; Adhanom, Isayas Berhe; Folmer, Eelke. "Embodied Third-Person Virtual Locomotion using a Single Depth Camera." Graphics Interface, 2021.

Aniruddha, Prithul, et al. "A parametric perceptual deficit modeling and diagnostics framework for retina damage using mixed reality." International Symposium on Visual Computing. Springer, Cham, 2019.

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